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10 Most Valuable David Beckham Soccer Cards


David Beckham is one of the most recognizable soccer superstars of all time, especially among Americans. He enjoyed a decorated career for a few different teams including long stints at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Beckham’s brand grew above what is normal for a soccer superstar as he lived a very public life off the field. That combined with his massive success on the pitch has resulted in him being a global icon.

He’s a true global icon in every sense of the word and is someone whose name carries weight in the athletic world.

The fact that he also spent a significant amount of time in the MLS with the Los Angeles Galaxy means that American fans are very familiar with him.

This is a good thing for the demand for his cards as it opens up a large population that is looking for his items.

Because of his immense skill and fame, there have been many different soccer cards made that picture Beckham. Knowing which are the most valuable is the first step toward making a good investment decision.

We’ve done the work to outline the ten most expensive David Beckham soccer cards so you can find one that would make a good addition to your collection.

10 Most Valuable David Beckham Soccer Cards

Here are the ten most valuable David Beckham soccer cards. Peruse these to find good investment options.


2020-21 David Beckham Panini Impeccable Auto /25

The most recent card produced on this list, this Panini card is one of the most expensive David Beckham cards on the market.

Beckham has recently signed a deal that makes Panini the exclusive carrier of his autographs.

Not only does this card feature a prominent autograph, but it also has a print run that was limited to just 25 cards.

This combination of exclusivity with the small quantity and impressive autograph results in a very high price.

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2004 David Beckham Panini Sports Mega Cracks #173

One of the few cards on this list that shows Beckham wearing a Real Madrid jersey, this one displays him running with the ball at his feet.

An opponent can be seen in the background trying to chase him down. In terms of being an investment option, this card has a slightly lower price point and thus can be a viable choice for those with a smaller budget.

If you don’t want to spend big bucks but still want to pick up a Beckham card for your collection, this could be the one.


2004 David Beckham Futera World Football #18

One of the better action shots of Beckham is on this card from 2004. It shows him as he tries to make a move with the ball on his feet.

The card has a cool background that features another photo of Beckham which is more of a portrait.

For those that are fans of England and want a card that represents Beckham’s time spent with the national team, this is as good an option as any and has strong value considering it has no autograph or jersey patch.


2010 David Beckham Upper Deck Patch Relic

This card comes from Beckham’s time with the Los Angeles Galaxy, an era that which American fans may be more familiar with his career.

It has a large image of Beckham that takes up the majority of the left side of the card.

On the right side, there is a jersey patch that has been placed on the card. This is a unique feature that has become a defining feature of many expensive modern cards. It makes the card more of a collector’s item and gives it a unique aspect.


1998 David Beckham Merlin Premier Gold #109

One of the earlier David Beckham cards on this list, this card shows the superstar as a young man. It has a basic design with a simple image of him running down the field.

There is a blue nameplate on the bottom part of the card.

Collectors who are interested in a product that has value because of its era and that appreciates older cards might look to this one as an option instead of the modern issues.


1998 David Beckham Upper Deck RC France #18

Another older card, this one shows Beckham playing for England during the 1998 World Cup that was hosted in France.

He’s wearing the blue England jersey and is pictured going for a ball that has rolled near his feet.

Because this card comes from a World Cup, that may be a feature that attracts some investors. Despite that, there are better options both in terms of older cards and modern cards.


1996 David Beckham Merlin Gold #92

The most valuable of all the older Beckham cards that lack unique features such as autographs, this one shows a very young Beckham with his arms raised in the air.

This card is the most sought-after of all the vintage Beckham cards and is widely considered to be the first one that was placed in packs so it acts as his rookie card for many.

For that reason, it’s a great option for investors who want to buy a timeless card that will never go out of style.


2007 David Beckham Upper Deck MLS #63

Featuring a great image of Beckham running up the field in his white Los Angeles Galaxy uniform, this card from Upper Deck will be attractive to MLS fans, of which there are many in the United States.

With no signature, jersey patch, or limited print run this card isn’t going to command a crazy high price like some of the. others on this list.

However, as it’s from the first year that Beckham crossed the Atlantic Ocean and started playing in the USA, it can be considered a rookie card of sorts.


2003 David Beckham Upper Deck Mini Playmakers Auto #DB

One of the finest Beckham soccer cards, this one has a complicated design that packs a big punch into a small package.

The first thing that catches the eye is a large autograph that is placed vertically on the left side of the card.

This is next to a smaller image of Beckham on the right.

Overall, this card has a very modern and sleek design that may be attractive to a specific subset of investors that lean towards investing in newer cards.

While it was made in 2003, it has the look of a card that was released in the past couple of years.


2002 David Beckham Upper Deck Manchester United Legends Patch

Another card that has a jersey patch, this one features a large image of Beckham next to that patch.

His name is placed below the patch on the right. It’s a relatively simple card that shows off the patch in a major way.

This card comes from a set that was filled with legends from Manchester United.

Beckham is one of the best players to ever wear the jersey but the long history of the club has meant that there are plenty of others that are well-known. Still, in terms of celebrity Beckham ranks near the top.


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